Students Bazaar

The Rene W. Wagenaar Students Bazaar

The Bled eConference 2019 is about Humanizing Technology for a Sustainable Society. We are engaged in the fourth industrial and economical revolution made possible by paradigm-shifting digitization. Preceeded by major innovative steps like EDI, eBusiness, mBusiness, self-servicing, big data, Internet of Things and Blockchains, we continue to be in a digital transformation.

We will focus on many aspects pertaining to the dawn of the Digital World as well as how to seize the numerous new opportunities it brings through research and business papers, panels, workshops and more. Further we will examine issues such as how organizations can benefit from digital innovations, how new businesses are created, but also from the perspective of the individual, including: the empowered (ageing) citizen, the entrepreneur, the patient, the consumer, the student, the lecturer and the employee.
As the theme of this year’s Bled eConference is Humanizing Technology for a Sustainable Society, the Bled Students Bazaar is specifically dedicated to applications and software-based solutions that transform people’s lives in a value-sensitive way. Think of apps that help patients to cope with their medication intake, that help them stop smoking, which warn them if air pollution is endangering their allergy. But also think of software solutions for citizens that leverage (big) data smartly in a smart city context, for example enabling sustainable and healthy mobility choices, or think of software prototypes that demonstrate new business models, by e.g. leveraging Blockchain technology. The possibilities are endless. But what really works? These are the key considerations of this call for proposals. We call honors, masters, and PhD students in information, computer, organization, management, innovation, health and related disciplines, from all countries, to write a proposal in which the idea is thoroughly described (max. 2000 words).

Submissions will be evaluated on different aspects such as business innovativeness, technical innovativeness, security and privacy, feasibility and sustainable added value.

More information:

Proposal deadline: March 15, 2019
Notification of review results: March 25, 2019

Students Bazaar Co-chairs
Pascal Ravesteijn, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Netherlands
Marijn Plomp, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Koen Smit, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands

Presentation jury:
Urban Schrott, ESET, Ireland
Roger Bons, FOM Hochschule, Germany