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Research Stream

The Bled eCommerce Conference has featured research papers since its inception in 1988. A fully refereed Research Stream was established in 1995, running four parallel streams of about 50 papers each year, with an acceptance rate generally around 50%.

Since 1999, the Research Stream has included an Outstanding Paper Award. Since 1999, an Award has been made each year for the contribution selected by the Award Committee as the Outstanding Paper.

The Award Committee changes each year and comprises of Outstanding Paper Award committee chair, a research track chair and co-chair for the year and a PC chair.

The Outstanding Paper Award has been initiated by founding members of the Bled eConference professor Roger Clarke, Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd & The Australian National University, Australia.

Roger Clarke has been serving as the Committee Chair since the beginning and up to the 30th Bled eConference in 2017. Bled eConference and the wider community would like to express their gratitude to Roger Clarke for his valuable contribution to the development of the scientific part of the conference and his endless encouragement of researchers towards “rigour and relevance” balance of their research which in turn brought value beyond science to the real world.

Selection Criteria

The selection of a single paper is challenging, because of the great diversity of subject matter, research approach, and evaluator perspective. This section outlines the Criteria that the Committee uses.
The starting point is that this is the Research Stream of the world’s longest-running international eCommerce Conference. Its participants are the intellectual leaders of academe, industry and government.
To be considered for the Outstanding Paper Award, a paper needs to exhibit the following features:

  • Academic Quality / Rigour
  • Contribution to EC Understanding / Relevance
  • Presentation Quality / Accessibility
  • Contribution to EC Advancement / Ambition

The expectation is that researchers who are submitting papers in future years will be able to go back to the previous winners and infer from them what ‘very good’ means in the context of the Bled community.

The Award is evidenced by a plaque presented to the author(s).

The Outstanding Paper Award Winners

“Do you know if I’m real? An experiment to benchmark human recognition of  AI-generated faces”
Stijn Kas, Thomas Hes, Brian Jansen & Ruben Post, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Institute for ICT, Utrecht, The Netherlands

“Understanding the Creation of Trust in Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin”

Venkata Marella and Bikesh Raj Upreti, Aalto University, Finland
Jani Merikivi, Grenoble Ecole De Management, France

“Digital Transformation in Healthcare – the case of a Chinese Medicine Inquiring System”

Catherine Han Lin and David Phillips, Deakin University, Australia
Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Epworth Healthcare & Deakin University, Australia
Available in PDF

“Age Differences in Technology Readiness and Its Effects on Information System Acceptance and Use: The Case of Online Electricity Services in Finland”

Markus Makkonen, Lauri Frank and Kerttuli Koivisto,University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
Available in PDF

“Privacy Awareness in Mobile Business: How Mobile OS and Apps Support Transparency in the Use of Personal Data”

Mattis Hartwig, Olaf Reinhold, Rainer Alt University of Leipzig, Germany
Available in PDF

*”An Empirical Assessment of Researcher Perspectives”

Roger Clarke, Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, Australia
Available in PDF

*In the determination of the Outstanding paper award the committee follows, next to addressing criteria of Rigour, Relevance, Accessibility and Ambition, the rule that no paper can qualify in which one of the committee members is a co-author. However, the research chair of this year’s conference has in agreement with the research co-chair and two other members of the outstanding paper committee (program committee chair and deputy Outstanding paper award chair), honoured the submission of one of their fellow committee members as an outstanding contribution to this conference, and to what we believe, the rest of the IS research community. The outstanding paper award committee agreed that the paper of Roger Clarke entitled “An Empirical Assessment of Researcher Perspectives” considering a researcher’s perspective in IS research has strong arguments, is methodologically well underpinned and should have an enormous impact on IS research.

“Design Lessons from an RCT to Test Efficacy of a Hybrid eHealth Solution for Work Site Health”

Luuk P.A. Simons [1], David van Bodegom [2], Adrie Dumaij [3], Catholijn M. Jonker [4]
1, 2, 4 – Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
3 – Leyden Academy of Vitality and Aging, LUMC, Netherlands
Available in PDF

“Enriching Everyday Experience with a Digital Service: Case Study in Rural Retail Store”

Mari ERVASTI [1], Minna ISOMURSU [2], Satu-Marja MÄKELÄ [3]
1, 2, 3 – VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland
Available in PDF

“Hot Stock or Not? A Qualitative Multi-Attribute Model to Detect Financial Market Manipulation”

Irina ALIĆ [1], Michael SIERING [2], Marko BOHANEC [3]
1 – Georg-August University Göttingen, Germany
2 – Goethe University
Frankfurt, Germany
3 – Institute “Jožef Stefan”, Slovenia
Available in PDF

“Information Security Governance: Investigating Diversity in Critical Infrastructure Organization”

Janine HOLGATE [1], Susan P. WILLIAMS [2], Catherine HARDY [3]
1 – Wipro Technologies, Australia
2 – University of Koblezn-Landau, Germany
3 – University of Sydney, Australia
Available in PDF

“University-Industry Collaboration in IS Research: An Investigation of Successful Collaboration Models”

1 – University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany
2 – Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Available in PDF

“Novice-based Data Collection Methods for the Study of IOIS: Practice Probes and Learning Communities”

Kai REIMERS [1], Robert B. JOHNSTON [2], Xunhua GUO [3], Stefan KLEIN [4], Bin XIE [3] andMingzhi LI [3]
1 – RWTH Aachen University, Germany
2 – University College Dublin, Ireland
3 – Tsinghua University, P.R. China
4 – University of Münster, Germany
Available in PDF

“Tweet Inside: Microblogging in a Corporate Context”

Kai REIMERS [1] and Alexander RICHTER [2]
1 – University of Sydney, Australia
2 – Bundeswehr University, Munich, Germany
Available in PDF

“Seeing a Patient’s Eyes: System Trust in Telemedicine”

Janis GOGAN, Monica GARFIELD, and Ryan BAXTER
Bentley University, Waltham, MA, USA
Available in PDF

“Multi-Level Analysis of Complex IS Change: A Case Study of eCustoms”

Boriana RUKANOVA (1), Eveline VAN STIJN (2), Helle ZINNER HENRIKSEN (2), Ziv BAIDA (3), Yao-Hua TAN(1)
1 – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, The Netherlands, 2 – Copenhagen Business School, Center of Applied ICT, Denmark, 3 – IBM Nederland, The Netherlands
Available in PDF

“Rethinking EU Trade Procedures: The Beer Living Lab”

Ziv BAIDA, Boriana RUKANOVA, Jianwei LIU, Yao-Hua TAN
Free University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Available in PDF

“Mobile Service Bundles: The Example of Navigation Services”

Timber HAAKER (1), Henny DE VOS (1), Harry BOUWMAN (2)
1 – Telematica Instituut, The Netherlands; 2 – Delft Uni. of Technology, The Netherlands
Available in PDF
Revised version published in Electronic Markets 17, 1 (January-March 2007) 20 – 28, as Harry Bouwman, Timber Haaker & Henny de Vos: Mobile Service Bundles: The Example of Navigation Services

“Internet Users’ Privacy Concerns and Attitudes towards Government Surveillance: An Exploratory Study of Cross-Cultural Differences between Italy and the United States”

Tamara DINEV (1), Massimo BELLOTTO (2), Paul HART (1), Christian COLAUTTI (3), Vincenzo RUSSO (3) & Ilaria SERRA (1)
1 – Florida Atlantic University, U.S.A.; 2 – University of Verona, Italy; 3 – University IULM, Milano, Italy
Available in PDF

“The Influence of Product Type on Online Trust”

Khaled HASSANEIN & Milena HEAD
DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, Canada
Available in PDF
Revised version published in Int’l J. Electronic Commerce 10, 2 (Winter 2005) as Khaled Hassanein and Milena Head “The Impact of Infusing Social Presence in the Web Interface: An Investigation Across Product Type”

“User Representation in eCommerce and Collaboration Applications”

Michael KOCH and Kathrin MÖSLEIN
Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Munich, Germany
Available in PDF
Revised version published in Int’l J. Electronic Commerce 9, 3 (Spring 2005) as Koch M. & Möslein K.M “Identities Management for E-Commerce and Collaboration Applications”

“Intranet Boundaries: Social Actors and Systems Integration”

Roberta LAMB
University of Hawaii, U.S.A.
Available in PDF
Revised version published in Int’l J. Electronic Commerce 7, 4 (Summer 2003) as Lamb R. “Intranet Boundaries as Guidelines for Systems Integration”

“ING Group: Coordinating Channels”

Tonja van DIEPEN
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Available in PDF

“Understanding the Adoption of ECR: A Broader Perspective”

Monash University, Melbourne & University of Melbourne, Australia
Revised version published in J. Strat. Infor. Syst. 9, 4 (December 2000) 295-319 as Kurnia S. & Johnston R.B. “The need for a processual view of inter-organizational systems adoption”

“Mobile Agents on Electronic Markets: Opportunities, Risks and Agent Protectioní”

Torsten MANDRY, Głnther PERNUL & Alexander W. RÖHM
University of Essen, Germany
Available in hard-copy
Revised version published in Int’l J. Electronic Commerce 5, 2 (Winter 2000-2001), as Mandry T., Pernul G. & Röhm A.W. “Mobile Agents in Electronic Markets: Opportunities, Risks, Agent Protection”

Prior Conferences Research Stream

For each conference prior to year 1999, the name and affiliation is provided of the distinguished individuals who have chaired the Research Stream.

The Conference Chair from 2009 on is Andreja Pucihar, University of Maribor, Slovenia.

The Conference Chair before 2009 has been Jože Gričar, University of Maribor, Slovenia

Proceedings in hard-copy
Special Issue of IJEC 3, 3 (Spring 1999)

Proceedings in hard-copy
Special Issue of IJEC 2, 3 (Spring 1998)

Proceedings in hard-copy
Special Issue of IJEC 2, 1(Fall 1997)

Proceedings in hard-copy
Special Section of IJEC 1, 1 (Fall 1996)


37th Bled eConference
June 9-12, 2024,

Bled, Slovenia

Easychair paper submission system opens in
January, 2024

Paper submission deadline:
March 11, 2024 

Doctoral consortium paper submission deadline:
March 15, 2024

Notifications by April 10, 2024
Final papers due May 6, 2024

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