Mastering Fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (FsQCA) 

During the two-hour workshop, the participants will learn the basics of FsQCA from understanding the key concepts, through data preparation and running the analysis, to learning how to interpret the results.

The FsQCA is a powerful tool for uncovering complex causal relationships in social science research. We believe many researchers can find the workshop valuable for their future research endeavors.

More information about the program: Workshop on Mastering FsQCA


Empowering Paths

The Importance of Building a Support Network for Women and Girls in IT

Join us for brunch and an engaging discussion, where participants share empirical experiences, fostering inclusivity and innovation in IT, while discussing the vital role of family support, female role models, mentorship, and leveraging diverse learning resources in career paths. We invite both women and men to join the conversation and collaborate on strategies for fostering inclusivity.

Our event aims to inspire young women to pursue careers in technology and empower them with knowledge and networking opportunities.

For more information see this link.

Open Data Maturity – Readiness of SMEs

Are companies ready to use open data? What are the factors that influence the readiness to use open data?

The workshop aims to identify the factors that help or hinder companies from using open data. The workshop will bring together different stakeholders who will contribute their ideas.

The moderated group session will be supported by the experimental online tool Kresilnik.