Keynote speaker anouncement: Tomi Ilijaš – AI driven innovation for better living

About Tomi Ilijaš – CEO and founder, ARCTUR

Tomi Ilijaš is founder and CEO of Arctur and he holds a MSc degree from Ljubljana University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Mr. Ilijaš is an entrepreneur focusing on Hi-Tech innovation, who has shared his knowledge and experience to many start-ups and spin-offs in the region. He participated in several EU funded R&D projects, inventing new business models in HPCaaS and successfully breaking the barriers in bringing HPC to manufacturing SMEs. He was a member of EUROHPC Research & Innovation Advisory Group (RIAG) and member of PRACE Industrial Advisory Committee. Recently, his research focus is on transferring new technologies from Industry 4.0 to different sectors, such as health and tourism.

Tomi Ilijaš will present:

AI driven innovation for better living

AI-Driven Innovation for Better Living’ delves into revolutionary AI use-cases in healthcare, showcasing improvements in disease detection, treatment personalization, and operational efficiency. The speech also covers AI’s role in other sectors, especially tourism, illustrating its potential to foster smarter, more sustainable communities.