Keynote speaker anouncement: Mariane ter Veen – Unleashing innovation through digital sustainability

About Marianne ter Veen

Mrs. Mariane ter Veen is director data sharing lead at consulting firm INNOPAY. She helps organisations to fully embrace the opportunities of the digital transactions era by adopting a more open outlook, collaborating across ecosystems and creating new value.

She believes in a world where digital sustainability creates long-term value, transparency and equity for all parties.

As an enabler of this, she is a strong advocate of data sovereignty, which gives people and organisations control over data they generate. Mariane has a wealth of experience in the domain of data sharing, both in public/private partnerships as well as helping individual organisations, and is a popular keynote speaker on European data developments.

Marianne ter Veen will present:

Unleashing innovation through digital sustainability

How can digital sustainability enable the twin transition – the simultaneous pursuit of digital and green transformations – and ensure that digital transformation integrates seamlessly with environmental sustainability? How can digital sustainability shape economic and social growth to address society’s challenges, such as protecting democracy, promoting equality, and fighting climate change?

Digital sustainability can serve as a crucial design principle to unleash innovation and give provide concrete, no-regret steps for advancing the twin transition. It offers practical guidance on integrating digital and environmental goals to foster economic and social progress.