Workshop: Research Design Canvas

We are happy to confirm that a workshop to familiarize PhD students and researchers with a visual supporting tool for their research project will be held during the 32nd Bled eConference.

Event will be hosted by Anand Sheombar, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands.

This workshop is designed around the use of the Research Design Canvas which has been developed by Dr Ben Ellway. The Research Design Canvas (Figure 1) is described as a “multipurpose tool to support your academic research journey. Make sense of your Thesis or Dissertation, create a convincing research proposal, design your study, prepare for a confirmation seminar, communicate your research to others.” (AcademicToolkit, 2018).

Figure 1: Illustrating the advantageous goal of using the research/thesis design canvas (Ellway, 2017)

The workshop will focus on the hands-on application of the Research Design Canvas by PhD students attending this workshop at the Bled eConference. There is a similar canvas for a researcher who has done their PhD and would like to apply this on a research project. That version will be discussed alongside during the workshop so that this workshop will be useful for both PhD students as well as more experienced researchers seeking a visual mind map organising tool for their research project. At the workshop, A printed copy of the canvas will be handed out to each participant and step by step a first iteration of completing the canvas will be carried out during the workshop where each segment of the canvas is illustrated and discussed with the group and the participants will be encouraged to fill out each segment using post-it notes.

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