Digital Forum

The Bled eConference has been shaping electronic interactions since 1988. Its community aims to actively contribute in shaping of economic and social growth, as well as raising wellbeing of citizens around the world. In 2004, Bled eConference issued the Bled Manifesto “Electronic commerce”. Setting the agenda for economic and social growth”. The Manifesto aimed in helping national leaders shape economic and social growth policy for exploiting e-commerce opportunities.

In the years after, the evolution of digital technologies and solutions (e.g. Internet of things, artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, big data & big data analytics, high performance computing, service architecture, digital technology platforms, 3D printing, robotics etc. …) has significantly impacted on the way how business is conducted and had big implications on our lives. The digital economy calls for transformation of businesses, governments, education and societies.

The theme of the 2017 Bled eConference is Digital Transformation – From Connecting Things to Transforming Our Lives. In the occasion of 30th anniversary, the Bled eConference community will continue with its activity called “digital forum”. The digital forum brings together representatives of business, governments, education, ICT providers and societies with the responsibility of addressing challenges of digital economy and society.

The digital forum will be organized in a “world cafe” format and will be organized on Monday, June 19, 2017 at 14:00 (Hotel Golf, Bled). The result of the digital forum will be a new manifesto with recommended actions for achieving better economic and social growth and higher wellbeing of citizens around the world.

Every participant is kindly invited to join us and contribute to shape better society for all!