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Towards a Single European eMarket

Tuesday, June 5, 2007, Hotel Golf Libertas, 9.00 – 10.30

Kristina Bogataj, Senior Researcher
Andreja Pucihar, Assistant Professor
eCenter, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor, Slovenia

Workshop members
Flavio Bonfatti, Professor & SEAMLESS project coordinator
University of Modena, Italy
Paola Monari, Professor
SATA, Italy

Boris Kunilo, Project manager
JAPTI, Slovenia

Matija Kariz
, edu & gov pam
Datalab d.d., Slovenia

Tünde Kállai, Managing Director
X10D, International IT Services, Hungary & Coordinator, Hungarian LivingLabs Initiative

Workshop description

Use of modern ICT enables simplified and more effective and efficient business processes in organizations and between organizations. Development of new ICT enabled also the appearance of new service providers attracting many customers and suppliers by mediating in their business and collaboration. This result also to the new business models. One of this new business models are also eMarketplaces, which might be defined as an internet based inter-organizational systems, bringing additional values to customers and suppliers.

Large organizations usually adopt modern ICT and new business models much faster than SMEs, which due to the lack of resources (human, knowledge and financial) more often stay behind. However, ICT offers many opportunities also to the SMEs. As in EU more than 99% of companies are SMEs, EU support research and development programs in this field. There is a great deal of research topics focusing on researching of the opportunities for SMEs entering the eMarket and further also to single European eMarket.

One of the projects, funded by EU 6th FP is SEAMLESS project which intends to study, design, develop and experiment an advanced ICT-based service to enable a well-identified category of small enterprises, the so-called Craft & Trade companies, to access the eBusiness space created by the Single Electronic Market of the Enlarged Europe (SEEM) and play an active role in establishing and running frictionless dynamic collaborations.
The workshop will address issues regarding the opportunities for SMEs to Access the Electronic Market of the Enlarged Europe by a Smart Service Infrastructure. The discussion will be focusing on the role of universities, ICT providers and mediators to provide SMEs with the appropriate awareness, knowledge and ICT support to help them in faster adoption of new business models, which will enable them to become more efficient and effective on the local and European markets.  
While discussion will be instigated by the workshop members, the nature of the workshop is to encourage and moderate the exchange of experience and perspectives between the workshop members and the audience.
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